Virtual Learning Highlights: Week 3

MJ (lk)
Like true Pirates, we just keep getting better and better. Junior Kindergarten classes continued working on their letters this week and were tasked with creating something that starts with the letter "P." First Graders wrote letters of gratitude to our local healthcare warriors. Another student took on Mrs. Hudson's Cardboard Challenge and became quite the warrior. Middle school student Becca Hurley used her down time to create a joyful upgrade to her best friend Logan's bowl, and Mrs. Meija's advisory group played virtual Scattergories. Seventh graders imagined a perfect society, and sixth grader Quinn Roberts is making stop motion films in his spare time. Mr. Zugrave's AP US History class transformed into pivotal players for the allied forces during WWII, and used their classtime to figure out how to win the war. Take a close look at the image to see which student played these important historical figures (click headline to see photo!).