SES Open Online Class--The Vietnam War

GZ (lk)
In an attempt to bring the community together the Saint Edward’s History and Social Science Department will be offering a free open online class to upper school students, parents and alumni. The topic for the course will be the Vietnam War. We will meet on Monday evenings via Zoom to discuss the week’s readings, topics and videos. It is meant to be an interactive, discussion-based course. We welcome all levels--from upper school students, parents and alumni-- to participate and engage in the topic.

We plan to provide multi-perspectives of the events associated with the war as well. While no formal ‘credit’ can be given for the class, we will issue certificates of completion. If you might be interested please email Greg Zugrave, the instructor, to sign up for the class and obtain the detailed week by week syllabus.

Zoom Sessions will begin on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
04/20 Session 1 Introductions and the Diem Era of the Early Cold War, 1954-1963
04/27 Session 2 Kennedy and the Escalation of the War, 1961-1963
05/04 Session 3 The Life of Soldiers, 1964-1968
05/11 Session 4 Chicago, Kent State and The War at Home, 1968-1971
05/18 Session 5 Nixon, Vietnamization and the Lasting Legacies, 1969-1972