Let's Become Citizen Scientists (and expert bakers, too!)

Dr. Monahan is offering a special mini-course for Pirate Families: Sour Dough Science.  This is a team course for all ages; each team must have at least one adult and one child, but it can be the whole family! No grades, just join in the fun!

Sign up at this link to participate.  Together we will learn how wild yeast brings us delicious sourdough breads and the science that explains it.  The course begins on April 15 and runs through the end of the month in celebration of Citizen Science Month.  Participants must order full-range pH strips from Amazon to be delivered by the start of the course, and all other materials can be found in your house! Check out this video for more details and information and sign up today.  Let’s learn some science, do some science and have a little fun together.  See you on April 15 for our live meeting!