Spotlight on Varsity Baseball

The start of the 2019-20 season boasted a great beginning for the varsity baseball team. The Pirates won their pre-season game versus Fort Pierce Westwood High School, demonstrating the promise of a great season to come. Knocking their first game out of the park against the Brevard HEAT, the Pirates would go on to celebrate many more victories on the field. In fact, in their next to last game, Saint Edward's shut out Merritt Island Christian School 15-0. Despite not being even close to halfway through their previously scheduled games, the team collected an excellent 6-1 regular season record.

The varsity baseball head coach for the 2019-20 season, Steve Beare, and his assistant coaches led the Pirates on the diamond this year. All of the coaches wish to share their thoughts with the team about this year's baseball season.

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Reviewing this season, Coach Beare wrote to his team:
“The last couple months have been surreal, something I have never seen in my lifetime.  While the Pirates Baseball Coaching Staff pride ourselves on preparing for every game-time scenario, there was no plan for what we have experienced to date.  As I type this, my heart is broken knowing that our 2020 baseball season is over.  I'm sure most of you already knew or most will say that they knew it was inevitable, but I really had hope.  My heart hurts for all of our Pirates, in every sport, especially our Seniors who missed more than just our Baseball Season. This 2020 Pirates Squad is extremely talented and was turning heads around the state, even gaining notoriety with the High School Baseball Network which only highlights the top 5-10 programs in each region; ours which encompasses the Space and Treasure Coasts.  
"Our season started strong with a 6-1 record.  That loss, must be prefaced by stating it was by 1 run.  While we may not have achieved the 20 win season that we were on pace for, even in this short season, you made strides of epic proportion.  Through our first seven (7) games you all managed a .309 team batting average, scored 68 runs, had 30 stolen bases, and 27 additional advancements on wild pitches/passed balls.  Our bullpen had a remarkable 1.71 ERA with 57 strikeouts in 45 innings of work.  The cliff notes version: you beat the national averages, in every category, both offensively and defensively!  
"Just to put these next stats into perspective, so you can see the immense moves you made, there are 14,988 HS Baseball Programs in the USA, according to NFHS, and 2,227 HS Baseball Programs in Florida, according to FHSAA. Here are our rankings for the past two years:
     2019: National Rank - 10,649   State Rank - 458
     2020: National Rank - 1,727   State Rank - 201
"These stats and rankings are indicative of where our season was going due to your hard work, dedication to the program, and most importantly your dedication to each other. But most of all, I want you to know that this 2020 squad motivated me!  You made me want to work harder for you and do whatever it took to help you achieve your goals. You all were fun to be around, had a solid work ethic, and the overall moves you made this year will be the baseline for all teams who follow. I can't promise anything more than that Pirates Baseball WILL BE BACK! And we will be coming back in 2021 with a large chip on our shoulders.  
"To our Seniors....Mangi, Casey, A.T., and Constantin, we wish you guys the best of luck in your NCAA Adventures.  Thank you for your leadership, your commitment to the program, and most of all for the incredible experiences we all got to share on the diamond.  Gentlemen, know that Coach Scruggs, Perez, and I are proud of you guys, not just for your baseball achievements, but all that you have accomplished while attending SES and the men you have become. You guys are always welcome on Blue Diamond Field, and quite honestly, I hope to see you guys as impromptu guest coach(es) next year and for years to come. 
"Blue Diamond Boys forever! #NotATeamWeAreFamily"

John Scruggs, one of the assistant coaches, reflected: "It was early January when we took to our new and improved Blue Diamond field. Expectation was high for our 3rd season together. We pulled together early, prepared harder than necessary, all in pursuit of the upcoming season. Early returns were proof positive that we had done our due diligence, jumping out to an impressive 6-1 record, just before spring break. I am saddened that our victory over Sebastian would be our final game of the season. None of us saw this coming. But just like every challenge we have faced over the past years, I am sure all of you are handling life's challenges with intelligence and compassion.  To our Seniors, I wish you many successes in all of your upcoming adventures. To our underclassmen,  I look forward to battling beside you next season. Thank you for allowing me to coach all of you. Use this downtime to improve yourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. And always walk with pride knowing you helped make STEDS Baseball just a little better than before."

Assistant coach Jay Perez issued the following statement as well: "I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to be apart of the program this year. I have no doubt that we would have achieved great things this season had it not been cut short. I look forward with excitement to see our team develop over the next few seasons, the potential is limitless. A special thanks to the 2020 seniors, their leadership and work ethic was a phenomenal example for the rest of the team. I know this season had higher stakes for you guys, but your perseverance through this only confirms that you all will excel at college and life."

We at Saint Edward's School extend a hearty congratulations to the varsity boys baseball team for giving their all on the field and for having their hard work culminate into such an outstanding, although brief, season!