Spotlight on MS Boys Lacrosse

For the 2019-20 spring season, the middle school boys lacrosse team achieved a remarkable 4-1 record. The Pirates managed to twice defeat Sebastian River Middle School and Storm Grove Middle School, both at home and on the road. Versus Sebastian River, the Pirates shut down the Cowboys at home and only allowed 2 goals during their away game. In their match-up with Storm Grove, the Pirates only allowed 1 goal on the road and shut out the Stingrays at home.

This year, the Pirates were led by head coach Rick Goodhand. Coach Goodhand and his assistant coaches wish to share their thoughts with their team about this year's lacrosse season.

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On behalf of the middle school boys lacrosse coaches, Coach Goodhand has issued the following statement: 

"The coaching staff of the 2020 MS Pirates will fondly long remember this team and this shortened season. The players had some new challenges to deal with beyond the normal high stress of school sports competition. We had a significant disparity of talent and experience between the “rookie” 6th graders (who were beginners) and the “veteran” upperclassmen (who had been playing for several years). This situation required some rapid maturing on the part of both parties, and the coaches were very pleased to watch both groups accept and adjust to the considerable challenge. While the younger guys toughened up quickly both physically and emotionally, the older guys took on a mature leadership mentality and realized that constantly outplaying the “rookies” was not building a stronger team. As the season progressed, I was ecstatic to see the “rookies” improve significantly and to see the “veterans” mentor the younger guys with encouragement and inclusive play. It is going to be so interesting to watch these guys develop and grow together over the next few years and remember their first/2020 season.

"The other memory of this 2020 season that comes to mind is the emergence of many young players developing a deeper appreciation of the power that can be engendered by TEAM play. Two guys who play together have the power of 3 or 4. Five guys who play together have the power of 8 or 9. If a lacrosse team has all 10 guys working together, it can have the power of 100! This team advanced significantly in the early season in terms of TEAM play. They moved the ball frequently and extremely well, were always ready to back each other up defensively, and stayed active constantly trying to influence the action: all admirable unselfishness and the hallmark of TEAM play. The coaches were impressed and very pleased at the level of TEAM play exhibited in our 'short' season. This bunch was definitely gelling and getting stronger!"

To the sixth and seventh grade players: all of us at Saint Edward's School look forward to seeing that excellent teamwork on the field next spring. 

For the eighth grade athletes who will move on to varsity next year: we wish you the best of luck on the field with your new team!