Spotlight on MS Girls Lacrosse

Although the middle school girls lacrosse team only made it halfway through their season, the Lady Pirates approached every game with determination and with a desire to bring home a victory. During their shortened season, the team had 5 wins under their belt and only 1 loss. For the Lady Pirates, a large part of their success on the field was due to a diligent defensive end. Many incredible saves at goal throughout the season helped the Lady Pirates reach their ultimate victory. The sixth and seventh grade athletes on the team also found a chance to shine on the field in their match-up against Saint Helen's School, which ended in a hard-fought tie with the Lady Falcons.

Head Coach Bronia Jenkins guided the Lady Pirates on the playing field this season and was aided by assistant coach Jordan Canevari. The coaches have shared a joint heartfelt message regarding this year's middle school girls lacrosse team.

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Reflecting on their team's camaraderie this season, Coach Jenkins and Coach Canevari have released the following message:

"We had an amazing season.  Our last game was all sixth and seventh graders out on the field for the entire game with the eighth graders on the sidelines cheering them on. It was heartwarming that our eighth graders understood that it was time to watch and cheer on their younger peers. This team was so supportive of each other.  We had fun, but we played hard.  We had a tremendous amount of talent and grit! A great combination. Thank you so much for this season!"

Congratulations to the middle school girls lacrosse team for putting forth a commendable effort on the field, and best of luck next year to the eighth graders who will join the ranks of the varsity team!