My Experience at Java Coding Camp by Olivia Stovall

I attended a virtual five-day coding camp. The language I learned was Java since that’s the language Minecraft uses. On the first day, we introduced ourselves to a group that consisted of six people, two instructors, and three other campers. We went through the basics of coding and took a quick intake of what the code means. During the week, we modded items and blocks, such as custom tools, custom armor, spreading blocks, hot coal blocks, and custom food. On the last day of camp, we finished up customizing our items so we could build an adventure map to show off all of our coded mods. I showed my parents all the things I made over the week. In conclusion, I learned how to modify Minecraft to my specifications. I understand now how precise and repetitive one has to be while coding. Overall, it was really fun to code and learn from the instructors right in the comfort of my room!

Contributed by Olivia Stovall (6)