Mr. Mersky Visits Character Ed Class

This past Friday, Father Barrett’s Character Ed class had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Merksy, the current Head of our school. He shared with us his experiences working in education and serving as a Head of School, as well as helpful insights and advice for students. Throughout his career, Mr. Mersky immersed himself in his work and noted how happy it makes him when he sees students learning, interacting, and engaged in the classroom and in the hallways. Many of the standards that he lives by were passed down by his parents. He mentioned how crucial honoring his family name was from early on. After the passing of his father, Mr. Mersky found himself drawn back to his religion, which has allowed him to persevere through hardships he has faced throughout his life. Mr. Mersky practices gratitude daily and believes that in addition to education, a person should act with integrity, courage, optimism, and acceptance to enjoy and achieve success in their lives.