Highlights for the Week of May 4

MJ (lk)
It was another great week on the virtual Pirate ship, where history, the arts and an epic game of Battleship ruled the days. The second graders continued their biography unit, this time with visits from Mary Lou Retton and Thomas Edison. The LS PE teachers created a highlights video of children completing their PE assignments -- look to this video for ideas on how to keep it movin'.

Eight-grade students are hard at work on their ME projects. Their exploration into their physical, athletic, social and spiritual growth is always so poignant, even when shared virtually. 

Ms. Pellegrino's honor English classes were tasked with exploring their creative expression, and their options were limitless. Laurel Logemann chose video, Sam Cardosi built a nightstand and Alex Roberts wrote about his love of fishing with his favorite lucky lure. Marissa Vatland created an ocean cliff with items found at home. She says, "This piece (click on "creative expressions" above) is a representation of the ocean side cliff put into a flat surface so it has the dimensions and effects yet it is displayed as a glass-like board. The cliff allows the water to break on its rough surface." In Honors Chemistry, students learned about research enterprise at university levels. They studied about where research takes place, who pays for it, and how they can take part in research when they progress to college. 

Mrs. Jenkins' Pre-Calc class is in the finals for Radian Battleship. She says "It's like traditional battleship, where you hide your ships and try to seek out your opponents. The difference is that we are dealing in polar coordinates. The radius of the circle and the angle are the attack and defense points. Example would be (3, π/4)." Still mystified? See if these visuals help.

Finally, Cadence Callaghan took time with her mom to learn exactly how clouds form just in time for what the weatherman says will be a soggy Mother's Day. 

We hope all of our Mothers enjoy the weekend knowing how much they are appreciated and loved.