Students Reflect on Middle School Memories

With the end of the year coming up, students were able to reflect on some of their favorite middle school memories. Many of the sixth graders said some of their favorite memories consisted of sports seasons, orientations, and field trips. 6th grader, Findlay Beckwith, commented, “My favorite memory was whenever I was hanging out with my friends. We really take it for granted.” Virginia Roberti added, “I loved meeting all of the new kids during orientation.” 

Many of the seventh graders enjoyed their field trips. Conor Powell says, “My favorite memory was when I went to the courthouse for a field trip. I brought my notebook and took notes while I was there, so I remember most of the details at the courthouse. It was awesome to see what people do in a courthouse and what kinds of cases there were.” 

Enjoying their last weeks of middle school, the eighth-graders' favorite memories consisted of field trips, clubs, Multicultural Day, scoring their first goal, and much more. Maria Hawkins commented, “My favorite memory from the school year was when we went to Circle F and everyone was able to bond really well together.” 

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Contributed by Grace Haller (8)