Highlights for the Week of May 18

MJ (lk)
Teachers and students maintained their end-of-year momentum this week with plenty of academic and physical challenges. Check out Isabella Peter's creative take on plant biology. Mrs. Durand's class took a deep dive into the study of villains, so this week they arrived in their Zoom room dressed as their favorite villain. Also, Mrs. Bischoff hit the road to deliver summertime fun to her very grateful students.

Upper school sophomores are studying Persepolis, and Mrs. Padgett says, "This is a graphic novel that depicts the events in her life during the Iranian Revolution. Last week students did research to learn more about Islam, the shah and Iranian culture. This week we examined the complex interplay between text and images in a graphic novel. Students watched a portion of a TED Talk and then were asked to select images from the text to analyze during the live classes in the groups."