Baker Builds a Garden

Sophomore Thomas Baker chose to benefit Saint Edward's School and the Indian River Lagoon as part of his Eagle Scout commitment by building a self-sustaining rain garden between the football field and The Moorings. Working with Ms. Buckley since last year, the pair teamed up with students to design a garden that will syphon fertilizer and other nutrients that contribute to algae blooms and other pollutants in the Lagoon. The garden is artfully placed between the field's runoff system and the lagoon, so water quality will be greatly improved before it moves into the lagoon adjacent to the campus beach.
When asked why Baker chose this project, he said it all stems from his love of the Lagoon.  He says, "The Lagoon is one of my passions. I've lived near it all of my life. I've gone to summer camps here, I go out on the boat with my friends to swim and fish. We have this totally amazing, immaculate body of water just right next to us and anything I can do to make it better...I'm going to do my part."

The project wasn't a solo responsibility, and Thomas was able to assemble a team of equally dedicated students and adults who were willing to brave the heat and bugs to make this happen for the community. The team members included: Meagan Baker, Chad Miller, Owen Miller, Emily Leonard, Thomas Leonard,
Father Barrett, Marshall Heim, Wil Blackburn, Liam Moylan, Seamus Moylan, Laurel Logemann.