Cultures of Dignity Webinar: Understanding the Core Skill of Social-Emotional Learning: Emotional Granularity

Don't miss this enlightening webinar on Sep 16, 2020 at 1 PM
Emotional Granularity, the ability to have a wide range of specific, precise words to describe how you are feeling, is the core skill of social-emotional learning. If you can’t name what you are feeling, you cannot tame what you are feeling. This skill, while always essential, is crucial to managing the numerous challenges we are all currently facing: handling a pandemic, returning to school, supporting our children and students, and caring for our own well being.

In this webinar, you will….
- Learn important information about modern emotion science
- Be guided through a Tiny Guide on Emotional Granularity
- Gain specific strategies to understand and manage emotional dysregulation in yourself and others
- Learn to support the young people in your communities
- Learn to manage your own emotions and support your well being

Bring your questions! We will open up for Q&A at the end. And a recording will be sent out after.