US Science Fair Deadline Approaching

Dr. Monahan
It's Science Fair time! 

The regional science fair deadlines are quickly approaching.  All paperwork, including research plans, must be submitted to your science teacher no later than October 15 as teachers need one week to review, meet with students to discuss, and ultimately submit by the regional deadline of October 22.  Deadlines are set by the regional committee, not the school, so there's no flexibility in these dates.  Please contact your science teacher no later than October 7 if you intend to submit a research plan for approval to compete in the regional fair.  Middle school students/parents should check with their science teachers for due dates/deadlines specific to the Junior Division. *Click the headline for more information about participating in Science Fair.
Lots of information, including all forms, can be found at  Scroll down to the appropriate division based on your grade.  Students/parents must read all regional, state, and ISEF rules and guidelines to ensure their project is permitted and what forms are required for prior approval.  Projects involving bacteria, human subjects, lagoon water, and animals (among many others) typically require a Regulated Research Institute and Qualified Scientist to be approved, so plan accordingly.  If the proposed project does not meet the guidelines and you wait until the last minute, your science teacher may not have enough time to help you revise in time for submission.  So be sure to read all the rules very carefully and complete each form completely prior to submitting to your science teacher by October 15 to give yourself the best chance of having an accepted proposal.