Macy's Day Parade Balloon Design in First Grade

First graders engaged in some serious design thinking as they practiced the techniques used by Macy's Day Parade balloon designers to create the six-story high mammoth balloons you see floating high above the parade route on Thanksgiving day. The process begins with a pencil sketch, then an exact scale replica is made out of clay before the actual balloon construction begins. It takes a year for a balloon to progress through these stages and finally make an appearance in the big show. Our first graders began their balloon designs the same way: by creating a sketch. They used iPads to sketch out and add color to their designs. Once their design was approved, they began the next stage: creating a three-dimensional clay replica of their drawing. Once the clay models have dried, they will finish their designs with colorful paint. Activities like this allow our students to experience real-world design thinking and step through processes that produce amazing creations like Macy's Day Parade Balloons. #HowSESLearns