More Amazing News from Kenya

Last week we reported that our friends at the Phildan School had big plans for the proceeds from the poinsettia sales, and today, former SES English teacher Louise Kennedy had the sweetest update from Kenya. Read on to learn more, and don't miss a single photo. It's not every day that your contribution elicits a school yard ceremony!

From Ms. Kennedy:

Lots of excitement at the Phildan School today!!!

James went with Mika to the biggest town near Ahero which is Kisumu. There they were able to purchase the books for the library and bring them back to the school. They had a big ceremony, and there was so much joy!! You'll see images of the students gathered around their assembly flagpole. You'll also see the solar well again (they love to show us that), and you'll see an interior shot of the library. The desks are being built now, and work is beginning on making the library more secure. 
This is such a happy day, and Mika is overjoyed to have the things he needs to support his students in the new curriculum issued by the Kenyan government. I hope that everyone at SES who has ever contributed to Phildan, whether with their time as a tutor, giving a ride to a tutor, or their money as a donor, feels really good about this moment. I know I do! There is $100 extra that I am using to start a fund to pay the teachers. James is doing a study on that for me now. Thank you so very much for making these resources a reality for our school family at Phildan.