Lower School Summer Postcard Challenge

LS Families: All LS students are encouraged to send a postcard to the School this summer about their summer adventures.  Staycations, camps, or traveling near or far; it doesn't matter where - we would like for each child to address a postcard, write a message, and mail it to the Lower School.  Why you may ask?
  • The first reason is that we want to provide an authentic reason to write this summer.  Many students may have never actually written and mailed a letter.

  • The second reason, which is the excellent bi-product of this endeavor, is that we get to see where everybody visited this summer! These will be great conversation starters, and we plan to showcase all the postcards in a display at the beginning of the school year.
Send your Summer Post Card postcard to:
Saint Edward’s Lower School
1895 Saint Edward’s Drive
Vero Beach,
FL 32963

Have a great summer!
Lower School Teachers