PA "Farewell" Meeting

MJ (lk)
Parents from all divisions gathered today to learn more about the successes of the Class of 2022 from Mrs. Sternberg. She reported remarkable statistics from this very bright and motivated class and specifically noted that the class as a whole has some very talented writers. In addition, over 92% of the class was accepted to their first- or second-choice college. Interested in learning where they'll be going to college? Click for a complete list of acceptances

The 2022-2023 school year will be full of events and activities that are sponsored by the PA, so click here to mark your calendars and plan ahead. This document will also be available on the PA Resource page throughout the year. Special thanks to the entire Board for their hard work and dedication to the School. Parent volunteers are crucial to the success of everything the PA does, so keep your eyes out for the summer mailing, when the "big green button" will be updated for event sign-ups.