A Helping Hand from the Wellness Team

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Now that we have the first full week of school under our belts, the Wellness Team thought it might be helpful to offer a few tips for getting into the groove of the new routine, keeping in tune with your pre-teen and staying ahead of the choices that teenagers make as they mature. 

This article was written primarily for younger students, but the tips can really apply to all of us who can use a little guidance when managing life's transitions.

Your tween is learning to juggle new teachers, new responsibilities and, yes, that tricky locker. The American Pediatric Association has some great clues to all the ways stress can be disguised as something else.

Our upper school students deal with a barrage of choices and challenges daily - some of which are completely foreign to parents who still remember their Myspace accounts. Examples include a frightening new drug trend marketed to teens that is acutely dangerous and predatory

Finally, parents of seniors, it's time to start talking about your student's ever-increasing freedoms and the responsibilities that accompany those sprouting new wings. The grownandflown website is a great resource for parents, but this article in particular resonates for the start of senior year.

Remember, the Wellness Team is dedicated to every element of health for our community: physical, emotional and spiritual.  Kristi Schofield, Father Barrett, Nurse Jeanette, Amy Bowles and Jeremy Gillan are all here to lend a hand, so feel free to reach out at any time.