• February

    Students Interview Veterans

    Genealogy Students Interview Veterans on Campus

    LKennedy (lk)
    This week, eleven SES students paired up with local veterans to conduct oral history interviews. Students had been trained over two sessions by our Teens Listen program, and we worked in partnership with the Veterans Council of Indian River County to give students this opportunity. This was a fantastic way to build skills like listening, eye contact and reflection and to build intergenerational connections. One student summed it up perfectly, saying, "I'm excited to know that I can talk to people I have never met in a way that is comfortable." Another student learned the importance of work ethic and discipline in conversation with a veteran. And, in a more humorous moment, a student explained, "I now know that the Air Force has the best food of all the branches in the military." You just never know what will come out of a good interview.
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  • Students, teachers and staff dance together

    Pirates Go Viral with "Jerusalema"

    MO (lk)
    Have you heard of the Jerusalema Dance Challenge that went viral last year? It's a line dance to the gospel-influenced house song "Jerusalema" by South African DJ and producer Master KG featuring Nomcebo on vocals. Groups of people the world over participated in the challenge that started in Africa and spread to places like Vietnam, Austria and Jerusalem itself. Even the Irish and Swiss Police force, Domincan nuns in Spain and, more recently, our own Saint Edwards School students, faculty and staff participated. In Africa, as with other parts of the world, ceremonial dance tells a story. More than mere entertainment, it recounts history, conveys emotion, celebrates rites of passage, and helps to unify communities. The dance steps seen in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge come from dances typically done at South African weddings. It all began in February 2020, when a group of friends in Angola filmed themselves performing the line dance to the Jerusalema song, and it went viral, giving the song worldwide popularity. Thank you, Mrs. Omawale, for sharing your idea, and to the entire cast and crew for creating a joyful bookend to Black History Month.
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  • Authentic Anatomy Lessons

    In Mrs. Buckley's anatomy class, students dissected sheep brains as part of the nervous system unit that they are currently working on. They had to use numbered pins to positively identify 22 anatomical structures or areas on the sheep brain. 
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  • Ms. Kennedy lends a hand to genealogy students

    Ms. Kennedy Pays a Visit to SES

    KM (lk)

    On Thursday Ms. Louise Kennedy, former English teacher at Saint Edward's School and current executive director of the Laura Riding Jackson Foundation, visited the Genealogy Research course to discuss an upcoming opportunity to interview local veterans. The Genealogy students will pair up with a veteran and interview them about their experiences. Those interviews will then be archived. Not only is interviewing a great skill for our students to learn, it's also a wonderful community service for Vero Beach.
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  • Sweet Valentine wishes

    Senior Buddies Valentines

    MJ (lk)
    The atmosphere was sweet as sugar on Tuesday when seniors trekked down to the lower school courtyard to share the love with the Valentine buddies.  Thank you to Dr. Monahan, Mr. Zugrave, Mrs. Scales and Mrs. Kulczycki for making it happen! Click here for an album of highlights.
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  • Ashton Noe tries King Cake

    Super Fans and Jazz Band Celebrate Fat Tuesday

    MJ (lk)
    After a morning of downpours, the sun came out just in time for the US Jazz Band to gather in front of the fountain for an afternoon concert. It was a great opportunity for the band to be able to perform for the community safely. At the same time, the Super Fan Club sold King Cakes to raise money for new signage in the student section of the US Gym. Chef Diego also served up some chicken and waffles and crabcakes from his food cart. It was so successful that there's already chatter about making it an annual picnic celebration!
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