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    Results of the Florida State Spanish Conference 2023

    Sra. Amarilys Heard
    The Florida State Spanish Conference (FSSC) was held on March 9 - 11 in Orlando, and with 30 schools from the state, the Saint Edward’s School Spanish Team took first place in Division 2A! The team is formed of US students Larissa Peterson, Carrie Jane Fykes, William Kourakis, Sadie Howarth, Dylan Orzechowski, Sommer Soderman, Conor Powell, Addison Logemann, Matthew Burris, Isa Argote, Grace Haller, Elliotte Kahler, Caroline Zoltak, Mary Kathryn Watson, Selma Memet, team captain Dhanika Pérez and alternate Khlieo Pérez. 

    *If reading on eNews, please click on the headline to read more about the conference from Sra. Amarilys Heard.
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  • Busy Summer = Successful Fall

    Stay One Step Ahead This Summer

    Parents and students of grades 8-11,
    These are the days to map out summer activities to ensure a smooth transition into the rigors of the fall semester. Jolly Roger Adventures is offering a number of classes that will promise a break from the heat and deep enrichment. There are classes offered for credit for those students who are anticipating a packed schedule, and there are opportunities to improve writing skills to get ready for that all-important college essay.

    View the course offerings and sign up today.
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  • The victorious AWQ team will travel to Washington, DC this spring to compete nationally.

    Academic World Quest Keeps the Winning Streak Alive

    The Academic World Quest team is a group of eight academically motivated students who study ten different subjects in Mr. Mitchell’s room during lunch and 9th period. Last week they won the regional competition at Keiser University, taking home the $2,000 prize. They will now go to Washington, DC for the national competition later this spring. Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Our Town

    Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Our Town

    Last weekend, the Theatre Department put on three special performances of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" in the Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts. The in-the-round staging allowed the audiences to become immersed in the classic drama of Grover's Corners. The cast and crew put on a weekend full of incredible talent, dazzling crowds with their unique set-up and hard work. Check out this album of highlights.
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  • World Seagrass Day

    Marine science students kayaked to seagrass communities on World Seagrass Day to remove debris and observe the flora and fauna that inhabit seagrass beds.
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  • World Seagrass Day

    World Seagrass Day

    Marine science students kayaked and observed seagrass communities on World Seagrass Day. It was windy so the Indian River Lagoon was turbid and the shallows were the only clear water around! Students were able to identify shoal grass Halodule wrightii which is a pioneer species of disturbed areas and inhabits areas that are too shallow for other seagrass species. Students observed gastropods, dolphins and crustaceans and then removed debris from the seagrass beds to improve the health of the IRL.
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  • February

    Students Witness Science in Action at Harbor Branch

    Students Witness Science in Action at Harbor Branch

    Biology teacher Brandy Nelson brought three juniors and two seniors to The Indian River Lagoon Symposium this week at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute of FAU.
    The event is a multi-institutional and multi-agency effort to provide a forum for discussing the most current research findings and restoration projects associated with the Indian River Lagoon. It is designed to narrow the gap between research and the application of that research that is required to improve the health of the IRL.

    Scientists from all over Florida participate and the focus of this year’s symposium was IRL seagrasses. Students were able to utilize their knowledge of seagrasses and water quality from classes to step deeper into real world applications by listening to research talks and observing the associated research posters. They also had an opportunity to view AUVs, ROVs, submersibles and engineering areas during their lunch break.
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  • School Trip meeting reminder

    Special Reminder for Junior and Senior Parents

    Parents of juniors and seniors, school trip meetings are scheduled for Monday, February 6. Please plan to attend in person or via the Saint Edward's School Facebook Live page.
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  • January

    College Night for Ninth and Tenth Graders - Thursday, February 9

    College Night for Ninth and Tenth Graders: Thursday, February 9

    Please mark your calendars for College Night for Ninth and Tenth Graders on Thursday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts.  We will be discussing academics, PSATs, summer opportunities, camps, arts and athletics.  If you are a sophomore and attended last year, you are not required (but are welcome) to attend. We encourage all freshmen families to be there.
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  • SES Ladies Join Radio Host Cindy Goetz

    SES Ladies Join Radio Host Cindy Goetz

    US Academic Dean and Director of College Counseling Michele Sternberg and SES senior Laurel Logemann joined radio host Cindy Goetz to talk about Saint Edward's upcoming College Night with the Deans and to discuss the ever-changing college admission process. Laurel also gave us a quick look into how her love for summer camps has blossomed into a future in entrepreneurship and education. SES is very grateful for the college counseling team and proud of the incredible student leadership on campus. 

    Check out Beauty and the Beach on FB to view the tape-delayed interview, listen in live to 101.7 FM on Saturday at 8:00 p.m or Sunday at 4:30p.m., or check out the podcast on Spreaker now! 
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  • Honors and AP Art Students Visit the Museum

    Honors and AP Art Students Visit the Museum

    Ms. Raymond's honors and AP art students had the opportunity to visit the Vero Beach Museum of Art to view Picasso, Matisse & Friends: Drawings from a Private Collection. Docent Audrey Richards led the students through the exquisite collection and encouraged them to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate the works. The museum provided the students with drawing materials and catalogs of the collection. Students were allowed to draw in the gallery, and each of them will create an homage to a chosen work. How wonderful it is to have such an amazing resource nearby. Thank you VBMA!
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  • Junior College Night Reminder!

    Junior College Night Reminder

    SES Junior Students and Parents: Junior College Night is Wednesday, January 11, at 7 p.m. in the Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts. Our college counseling staff will review the college admissions process, hand out important paperwork and review deadline information. This meeting is mandatory for juniors and their parents.
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