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  • SUNDIAL SHARES: A Short Story from Emma Fini and Artwork by Cindy Chen

    SUNDIAL SHARES: A Short Story from Emma Fini and Artwork by Cindy Chen

    Katie Alerte
    The sun spilled over the old wooden frames and peeling paint. A gorgeous setting for a unique story. I should probably introduce myself, for I am the narrator of the story. My family and I moved onto Russerferd Creek Road a few months ago. 

    We drove along a dusty, rocky road until we reached a pleasant, old house across from the creek. Unlike my twin brother, I was ecstatic to be moving to a new home, away from society and other places that would let me down. It was a new start in an old place. This house was a perfect place for me to be my very expressive, dark self without people staring right through me. We were alone.
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  • Maui Henriquez in size XS, Lucio Franceschi in size medium:  $30.00Golf umbrella:  $25.00

    From the Pirate Cove School Store: Rain Jackets for Kids!

    eburgoon (lk)
    Someone not sharing the umbrella?  Not to worry...we've got you covered with these new lightweight, packable rain jackets!  Youth sizes XS-XL and SES golf umbrellas are in the store now.

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  • German International Students Share with MS Book Club

    Kelly Fykes (lk)
    Five German international students gave up a free period to come share their opinions and experiences with refugees in Germany with Mrs. Fykes' MS Book club. The MS Book Club is reading Refugee by Alan Gratz which tells the trials and tribulations of three refugees and their journeys. One of the characters in the novel is Mahmoud who is a teenage boy escaping war-torn Syria and seeking refuge in Germany.  The SES German students reported that they had experience with refugees in their hometowns of Berlin, Stuttgart or Frankfort. Some of them had refugees in their schools back at home. Others had friends whose families had opened their house up to Syrian refugees. It was a very interesting and insightful conversation that helped tie a work of fiction to real-life.

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  • Mandarin Cross-Cultural Communication Bridge for Fifth Grade & International Chinese Students

    Mandarin Cross-Cultural Communication Bridge for Fifth Grade & International Chinese Students

    Dr. Bao (lk)
    From Dr. Bao, Chinese teacher: Fifth grade students have recently made some new friends on campus when they connected with our international Chinese students via a 10-minute on-campus field trip. The fifth grade Chinese language learners literally walked out of their comfort zone (the Lower School building) for a brief journey to the back of the MS/US library building where our Chinese international students typically gather to chat and relax after lunch. The fifth graders enjoyed meeting our international students, making inquiries about their names, family members, what fruit they like to eat, what sports they like to play, etc... The international students enjoyed making new Lower School acquaintances as well. For the fifth graders, it was their first time interacting with Chinese native speakers, and they were very excited about the opportunity. For the international students, they loved the warm greetings and questions. These monthly "field trips" will enhance not only the communication skills of both groups, but also the friendships between Chinese language learners and the native Chinese speakers. Mandarin Chinese has shortened the cultural distance at SES.

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  • MUN team tours Vanderbilt University

    MUN Goes Country

    David Todd Gambee (lk)
    Last weekend a group of about twenty students ranging from eighth graders to seniors attended a Model UN conference at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Model United Nations is an educational program that simulates UN activity in an effort to teach students about diplomacy and international relations, as well as the United Nations as a whole. In addition to this, Model UN’s "committee sessions" give students an opportunity to practice a wide range of skills such as public speaking, debating, teamwork, critical thinking and leadership. It’s much different from the traditional classroom setting as it gives students a more active role in their education. Students control the flow of debate, organize groups that work on solving real world problems and lead. It is also a phenomenal opportunity to network. These conferences are usually hosted by colleges such as Vanderbilt, University of Chicago and Harvard. Students have the opportunity to not only interact with other highly motivated students in committee but also with the college students that help to run the conference. Model UN trips such as this one are a truly unique and remarkable experience, and I personally am grateful to attend a school like Saint Edward’s that gives me such incredible opportunities.
    ~ David Todd Gambee, SES senior

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  • New US Faculty: Meet Laximant 'LP' Pathade

    New US Faculty: Meet Laxmikant 'LP' Pathade

    Marie Campione (lk)
    New Upper School Chemistry Teacher Laxmikant “LP” Pathade comes to Saint Edward’s School after wrapping up his PhD degree this summer from Syracuse University in chemistry with a minor in solid state physics, having taught and been a lecture assistant at Syracuse University as well. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemical technology with a minor in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai. LP comes from a family of educators and has had experience over the course of his life helping in schools and teaching concepts in chemistry, engineering and technology. He has presented at regional and national level conferences, been published several times and has a patent for his work, as well as completing many research projects.  NEW FACULTY FUN FACT: LP is the first person in his extended family to earn a PhD and the first in his family to earn an undergraduate degree (his father just became the second by earning his degree recently!) We welcome LP to our Upper School faculty!

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  • New LS Faculty: Meet Erin Chin

    New LS Faculty: Meet Erin Chin

    Marie Campione (lk)
    New Physical Education Teacher Erin Chin brings enhancement to the physical education program through her many years of experience as an occupational therapist for children between the ages of 3 and 11. She received her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy with a minor in psychology from the University of Hartford. Erin’s interests include competing in marathons and coaching soccer, basketball and track. Also, she is an SES parent of two Lower School children (Lily and Leah). We look forward to having Erin on board with us at Saint Edward’s this year.
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  • Baseball Twitter Account

    Follow that Tweet! Pirate Baseball and Fine Arts Join the SES Twitter Ranks

    MJ (lk)
    Fire up your phone, because there are some great new SES social media accounts that are sharing our news in fun and creative ways. Love Twitter? Check out @StEdsArts and @SES_baseball. The Fine Arts Department and Coach Beare are bringing the heat with some fabulous images and copy. Instagram more to your taste? saintedwardsschool is student-focused, and steds.trunkshow.verobeach is offering sneak peeks into the best weekend in Vero Beach. Don't forget our Facebook account as well -- it's a great resource for daily news on campus, so be sure to Like and Follow us - #HappyFriday!

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  • Lower and Upper School Unite to Show School Spirit at All School Pep Rally

    Katie Newman, Gail Voyles and Marie Campione (lk)
    First and second grade girls showed their Pirate Pride as they cheered alongside the Upper School cheerleaders at the All School Homecoming Pep Rally. First grade teacher Michele Scales worked with the LS and US cheerleaders for weeks in advance to prepare them for this spirited school event. The drumline, led by Gully Shell, kicked the school spirit up another notch, and ‘Jeff’ the Pirate (alum Jeff Petersen) brought his contagious enthusiasm that kept the crowd on its feet. Thanks to Mr. Lamscha, and to everyone who helped make this school wide event so spectacular! Go drumline, go cheerleaders, go fall athletics, and GO PIRATES! *Click on the headline above to see more Pep Rally photos.

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  • Second Graders Welcome Baby Chicks!

    Katie Newman and Gail Voyles (lk)
    Mrs. Volyes and Mrs. Newman's second graders recently visited the Lower School library to welcome one of our newest baby chicks. These adorable little balls of fluff have been hatching all week, and the entire lower school has anxiously awaited the arrival of each one!

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